Program Director: Sophie Woorons Bio 2018

JUNIOR PROGRAMS - To Register email or call 864-202-1917

Instruction offered to non-members - Brookstone Members get $2 off on each class.


Junior Development and Tiny Tots – Sept-Nov and March-May Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 4-5:00.

Tiny Tots ages 4-6 as well as Junior Development ages 7-11…

Objective introduce the child to tennis. Make sure they have fun. Learn proper technique. 3 Months in the fall and 3 months in the Spring. Cumulates with a tournament in May and Transition to Junior team tennis the following fall if ready.

Cost $15/class for once a week $12/class for twice a week. $20 a la carte.


Junior Team Tennis – August-November and February-May (State Champs in July)

Get your child on a junior team that will compete against other local clubs in the upstate.

10u, 12u, 14u and 18u. Teams are by age and level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 10u compete on a smaller court with orange balls. 12u intermediate use green dot balls. 12u advanced, 14u and 18u use yellow balls. Brookstone teams have won the local league and gone to the State championships with every age group! 18u boys are State Champions 2019 and 18u Co-Ed competed at Sectionals 2019. 12u advanced won State and Sectionals 2018. 14u Co-ed at Nationals in Texas 2019! Junior player will be representing Brookstone, therefore integrity, effort and collaboration is the standard. We are very proud of our teams! JTT kids participate in clinics to develop their skills and prepare for competition.


10u JTT and Young Guns Clinic – Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 5-6:00

10u who are ready to be introduced to matches are part of this group as well as beginner teens.

Objective. Prepare for Friday night team matches and prepare teens for high school tennis matches while focusing on proper technique and rally skills.

Cost $15/class for once a week $12/class for twice a week. $20 a la carte.


Junior Team Tennis Invite – Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 and Saturdays 11-12:00

These kids are 12u through 18u. They have competed at least in one season with us in tournaments and Junior team tennis. They have demonstrated good effort and attitude as well as good ability to rally and their technique is sound. We are now ready to introduce strategy and points with purpose and shot selection. Cost is $26 per class, $30 a la carte. Saturdays $15 per class, $20 a la carte.


Junior Match play for Junior Team Tennis Invite Group Saturdays from 12:00-1:00

Free to Brookstone Junior Members or $15 per class, $20 a la carte.


Junior Academy – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:30-6:00, Saturdays 12-1:30.

This is our elite group. These kids are committed to the sport and train daily. They complete in tournaments regularly as well as represent Brookstone on advanced Junior teams. They have demonstrated good effort, attitude and integrity. They can hit the ball with consistency, direction, spin and power on ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves. They make decisions with regards to shot selection, patterns and strategies; they have developed their own style of play. They have developed mental strategies to stay focused and efficient. This program is made to help them maximize the use of their shots and compete at the highest level including high school tennis, State championships and National tournaments. Cost: Monthly day is $27 per class, Monthly every day $25/class, $30 a la carte.

  • Tiny Tots Camps (starts age 4)
  • Junior Development camps (Ages 7-11)
  • Teen Camps (Ages 12-18)